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Main Benefits

  • BIOHUMAX® increases yields from agricultural products up to 50%;
  • BIOHUMAX® improves plant metabolism and facilitates plant breathing;
  • BIOHUMAX® suppresses the agents of some major economically significant diseases in plants;
  • BIOHUMAX® may replace synthetic fertilization up to 100%;
  • BIOHUMAX® is an economically viable source of nutrients for plants and soils;
  • BIOHUMAX® is a powerful bio-stimulant of plant growth and development;
  • BIOHUMAX® contains natural soil microflora, extremely valuable for plants and soils;
  • BIOHUMAX® is a new generation potassium humate;
  • BIOHUMAX® is extremely rich in microelements, salts and minerals, necessary for the balanced nutrition of the plants.


Autumn–Winter Crops

Autumn–Winter Crops

Spring Grains

Industrial Crops

Industrial Crops


Leguminous plants

Leguminous plants

Tuber Plants



Fruit Trees


Flowers and Bushes